MS Proxy 2.0 Configuration for BusinessLink/WEB and Strategi

Product: Strategi and BusinessLink/WEB
Modified Date:

Network clients utilizing Microsoft Proxy 2.0 for Internet/Intranet connections may not function properly if the proxy is not configured to support BusinessLink-related TCP/IP ports. Common errors found are as follows:

Java Applet Cannot Start:
Netscape 4.5 error (sent by browser) 'Applet abljem can't init: NEW'
IE 4.0 error (sent by applet) ' Unable to Make TCP/IP Connection'

AB/Remote Cannot Connect:
Receives timeout message stating that host will not accept any more connections.


The Windows client requires Winsock Proxy Support provided by MS Proxy 2.0

MS Proxy Server 2.0 Administrator Actions

1. End Winsock Proxy Service

2. Modify Winsock Proxy Service

    Add Protocol ABL/Strategi Java Applet
    port => 43856
    type => TCP/IP
    direction => Outbound

    Add Protocol ABL/Remote (non-SSL)
    port => 43777
    type => TCP/IP
    direction => Outbound

    Add Protocol ABL/Remote (SSL)
    port => 43793
    type => TCP/IP
    direction => Outbound

    Add Protocol for Strategi Webmaster
    port => 43808
    type => TCP/IP
    direction => Outbound

3. Modify user permissions on added protocols appropriately.

4. Start Winsock Proxy Service

Client Actions - MS Proxy Client 2.0 Winsock Configuration

1. Install Winsock Proxy 2.0 client software from MS Proxy 2.0 server share. The server share is the share on the NT Server where MS Proxy was installed.

example path: \\<NT Server UNC Name>\mspclnt\setup.exe

2. Restart System

3. Verify 'Control Panel / WSP Client' Settings (default should only be changed if connections are to be made to a NT Server different from that which the client software was installed).

Additional Notes

1. Changing, stopping/restarting Winsock proxy services require client software stop/restart after Winsock proxy service has been stopped/modified/restarted.

2. TCP port direction requirement is for outbound connect only.

Diagnostic Tools

Microsoft provides a diagnostic tool located in the client directory which is used to verify the client-server proxy connection.

example path: c:\mspclnt\chkwsp32.exe

** End of Technical Support Bulletin **