PC to iSeries File Transfer Methods

Product: Strategi
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1. iSeries Navigator
2. FTP

iSeries Navigator

iSeries Navigator can be used as an efficient way to copy a save file from your PC to your iSeries.
This example details how to copy a save file from your PC to library QGPL.

1. Download the zipped save file from Release Media website
2. Extract the save file to your desktop or to a folder on your PC
(the save file will not have an extension)

3. Rename the save file and give it an extension of ".FILE"
For example, "SGI216C018" becomes "SGI216C018.FILE"

4. Open System i Navigator
5. Select the appropriate connection for your iSeries
6. Select File Systems==>Integrated File System

7. Under Integrated File System, select QSYS.LIB in the left window

8. In the right-hand window, double-click on QGPL.LIB

9. Copy the file "SGI216C018.FILE" from your PC (CTRL+C)
10. With QGPL.LIB selected in the left-hand window, go up to Edit and select "Paste CTRL+V"

The save file is now saved to library QGPL.

FTP File Transfer

The TCP/IP utility FTP (File Transfer Protocol) can be used to send iSeries 400 save files to and from PC workstations. This procedure assumes that TCP/IP and FTP support is active on the iSeries 400 and the PC workstation can access the iSeries 400 via TCP/IP.

Note: this example will transfer an existing release save file called SGI251D in a directory called DOWNLOAD on the PC workstation to an iSeries 400 save file called SGI251D in library QGPL on the iSeries 400. The names are only an example. Replace the name of the save file, etc..with the name of the file you're downloading.

Step 1 - Create Save File SGI251D in library QGPL

    Step 2 - Change to Directory DOWNLOAD and Start FTP Session
  • Open a DOS session on the PC and type 'cd c:\download'
  • Start FTP session by entering 'ftp nnn.nnn.nnn.nnn'
    (where nnn.nnn.nnn.nnn is the IP of your iSeries)
  • When prompted, enter a valid iSeries 400 user name and password to start the FTP session

    Step 3 - Change to library QGPL and Set Transfer Mode to Binary
  • Enter 'cd QGPL'
  • Enter 'binary'

    Step 4 - Transfer File and Terminate Session
  • Enter 'put SGI251D'
  • When the transfer is complete, enter 'QUIT' to terminate FTP session.

    When complete, the iSeries 400 file SGI251D will reside in library QGPL on the iSeries 400. A sample session is listed below.

    ==> CRTSAVF FILE(QGPL/SGI251D) C:\> cd \download
    C:\download> ftp
    Connected to
    220-QTCP at AS400.
    220 Connection will close if idle more than 5 minutes.
    User ( userid
    331 Enter password.
    Password: XXXXX
    230 USERID logged on.
    ftp> cd QGPL
    ftp> binary
    200 Representation type is binary IMAGE.
    ftp> put SGI211D
    200 PORT subcommand request successful.
    150 Transferring file SGI211D in directory DOWNLOAD.
    250 File transfer completed successfully.
    3792624 bytes sent in 78.38 seconds 48.39 Kbytes/sec)
    ftp> quit
    221 QUIT subcommand received.