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GUIStyle Administration Tool Upgrade

Product: Strategi - GUIStyle
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This guide provides the steps required to successfully upgrade GUIStyle by ADVANCED BusinessLink Corporation. All steps below should be completed in the order listed. Any questions regarding installation procedures may be forwarded directly to BusinessLink Technical Support for resolution, which can be reached by phone at (425) 602-4777 or by email at support@businesslink.com.

Step 1 - Verify Installation Requirements
In order to upgrade the GUIStyle product, the following requirements must be met:

  1. Your Strategi version must be at least V1R8M3 with all available PTFs. If this requirement has not been met, please contact BusinessLink Technical Support for assistance before proceeding.

  2. Your OS400 version must be at least V4R4M0.

  3. As with the Strategi install, *SECOFR class operator authority

Step 2 - Upgrade the GUIStyle Product iSeries 400 Software
Contact ADVANCED BusinessLink in order to find out how to download the newest GUIStyle version.

In the standard procedure, you will download a file named guiVRM.gz or guiVRM, where VRM is the version, release number, and modification. If the zip is downloaded, you must extract guiVRM from it, which can be done on your PC with WinZip or another zip extraction application. You will then need to move the save file contents into a save file named GUIADMIN on your iSeries 400 in a library of your choice. There are a variety of methods for moving save files from your PC to the iSeries 400. The technical support bulletin titled iSeries 400 - PC Save File Transfer Using FTP explains one method.

Once the installation save file is on your iSeries 400 in a library of your choosing, and named GUIADMIN, following these steps will upgrade the GUIStyle server, applet, and administrative pieces.

  1. Your Strategi library must be on your library list


  2. End the GUIStyle Administration Server


  3. Upgrade the GUIStyle Administration Server

        LIB(GUISTYLE) +
        DIR(PRODUCTMODULES '/guistyle') +

  4. Start the GUIStyle Administration Server


** End of Technical Support Bulletin **