Strategi Webmaster Implementation

Product: Strategi
Modified Date:

Webmaster is a simple utility for website management under Businesslink Strategi, running on the iSeries 400. It is a Java application (not an applet), which can be installed on any computer for which Java 1.1 is available. The default (shipped) install is for Windows PCs, and includes Sun's JRE (Java Runtime Environment) within the install package. However, if you wish to run Webmaster on another environment for which Java is available, we can make the .jar file available (on request). Simply contact our Technical Support department for details.

The most recent documentation for Strategi Webmaster can be found at [ ].

NOTE: Always use the version of Webmaster that came with your current version of Strategi. You can obtain a copy of Webmaster compatible for your system by going to the resources directory ('/resources') of your website.

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