Strategi Supported Mime Types

Product: Strategi
Modified Date:

The table below lists the available MIME file extensions and types that Strategi currently supports for version V1R5M6 and above. All of these types are maintained in iSeries 400 database file SGIFT in the core Strategi library. In most cases, this library is called 'STRATEGI' and user entries may be added to gain additional MIME type support. A stop/restart of the Strategi subsystem would be required for changes to be in effect.

File ExtensionMime Type
abs audio/x-mpeg
ai application/postscript
aif audio/x-aiff
aifc audio/x-aiff
aiff audio/x-aiff
avi video/x-msvideo
bin application/octet-stream
bmp image/x-ms-bmp
cab text/plain
cacert application/x-x509-ca-cert
cla text/plain
class text/plain
cls text/plain
csh application/x-csh
cpio application/x-cio
doc application/msword
dvi application/x-dvi
eps application/postscript
exe application/octet-stream
fif application/fractals
gif image/gif
gtar application/x-gtar
gz application/x-gzip
gzip application/x-gzip
hdml text/x-hdml
hdmlc application/x-hdmlc
hqx application/max-binhex40
hsm text/plain
htm text/html
html text/html
ice x-conference/x-cooltalk
ief image/ief
imp text/plain
jar application/java-archive
jfif image/jpeg
jpe image/jpeg
jpeg image/jpeg
jpg image/jpeg
js application/x-javascript
latex application/x-latex
mid audio/midi
midi audio/midi
mocha application/x-javascript
moov video/quicktime
mov video/quicktime
mp2 audio/x-mpeg
mpa audio/x-mpeg
mpe video/mpeg
mpeg video/mpeg
mpega audio/x-mpeg
mpegv video/mpeg
mpg video/mpeg
mpv video/mpeg
mp2v video/x-mpeg2
mpv2 video/x-mpeg2
pac application/x-ns-proxy-autoconfig
pbm image/x-portable-bitmap
pcd image/x-photo-cd
pdf application/pdf
pgm image/x-portable-graymap
pjp image/jpeg
pjpeg image/jpeg
pl application/x-perl
png image/x-png
pnm image/x-portable-anymap
ppm image/x-portable-pixmap
ps application/postscript
qt video/quicktime
ra audio/x-pn-realaudio
ram audio/x-pn-realaudio
ras image/x-cmu-raster
rft application/dca-rft
rgb image/x-rgb
rtf application/rtf
rtx text/richtext
sh application/x-sh
shar application/x-shar
shtm text/html
shtml text/html
sit application/x-stuffit
snd audio/basic
tar application/x-tar
tcl application/x-tcl
tex application/x-tex
texi application/x-textinfo
texinfo application/x-textinfo
text text/plain
tif image/tiff
tiff image/tiff
tsv text/tab-separated-values
txt text/plain
vbs video/mpeg
wav audio/x-wav
wbmp image/vnd.wap.wbmp
wml text/vnd.wap.wml
wmlc application/vnd.wap.wmlc
wmls text/vnd.wap.wmls
wmlsc application/vnd.wap.wmlscriptc
wpd application/x-wordperfect
xbm image/x-bitmap
xml text/xml
xpm image/x-xpixmap
xsl text/xml
xwd image/x-xwindowdump
z application/x-compress
zip application/zip

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