Creating Customized Versions of Resources Website Pages

Product: Strategi
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The Resources area of a Strategi website is unique from other areas of your website. Resources is updated with every Strategi upgrade. Other areas of your website will remain untouched by the upgrade. Since the Resources area will be overwritten whenever an upgrade is performed, it is important not to make any changes to anything in the "/resources" directory.

It is quite reasonable, however, to wish to make changes to your applet loading pages or other pages served out of the Resources website. And so it becomes convenient to have a copy of some of these documents stored in the Resources area (e.g., applet loading pages, homepage.htm, error message, etc...).

For purposes of this document, we will assume that "custom" refers to the desired name of your new custom zone (the name can be anything you like) that will contain copies of the desired Resources documents. We will also assume that DEFAULT refers to the website that you wish to copy these files into.

The instructions below detail how to make a copy of the Resources WEBSITE zone. These same instructions can apply to any zone (served out of Resources) that you wish to obtain a copy of.

Note: Not all documents within each of these zones will be copied over, but all the necessary ones will. If you plan to make a copy of the MESSAGES zone, be sure to create the new zone name in your website as "messages".
1. Sign on to the iSeries 400.
2. Go to the Strategi Main Menu and select Work With Websites.
Temporarily change RESOURCES status to *ACTIVE
Grant *READWRITE Zone Authority to the WEBSITE zone for the user carrying out these instructions
4. Go to the DEFAULT website:
Select Work With Zones
Create a new zone (e.g., custom) by pressing F6
  • Zone Code = "custom" (do not include quotes in name)
  • Subdirectory = "custom"
  • Text Description = "enter your custom name"
  • User Authentication = *NONE
  • Default User Authority = *READ
5. Grant *READWRITE Zone Authority to the new "/custom" zone for the user carrying out these instructions.
6. Start Webmaster on your PC.
7. CHECK OUT your new "custom" zone.
8. Obtain a copy of the WEBSITE zone from the RESOURCES website using GET ZONE (GET ZONE will check-out and check-in the files).
9. On your PC, copy the RESOURCES files to the new "custom" zone folder.
10. CHECK IN your "custom" zone.
11. Go back to the Strategi Main Menu. Change the RESOURCES website status to *SUSPENDED and remove the user (from the zone) that was granted *READWRITE Authority from step #3 above.
12. Verify the files copied successfully to your iSeries 400 by going to your new "custom" zone and Work With Directory.
After restarting Strategi, when you go to "http://your.ip.address/custom", you will be seeing a copy of the RESOURCES files you copied.
To begin customizing your copies of the RESOURCES documents, go back to Webmaster and CHECK OUT your new "custom" zone in your DEFAULT website.
By default, "homepage.htm" in the root of the website will point to "/resources". In order to point this page to "/custom" instead, simply change all references to "/resources" to "/custom". (This only applies to making a copy of the WEBSITE zone)

** End of Technical Support Bulletin **