Strategi User Licensing - Concurrent vs. Registered

Product: Strategi
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Strategi implements either concurrent or registered user licensing based upon customer requirement. Each is unique in operational requirements and this bulletin addresses the differences between the two.

Concurrent User Licensing
A concurrent user is any user which has performed any of the following functions:
  • established a session with the Strategi 5250 applet
  • established a connection using Strategi Webmaster
  • logged in to an authenticated portion of a Strategi website

    With that in mind, regardless of the number of services being performed by a user, only one concurrency will be noted. For example, if a user were to establish a 5250 session, established a connection with webmaster, and logged in to a authenticated portion of a Strategi website only one concurrency would be noted by Strategi. By concurrency it is meant "use of a license". License use and listed connections should be differentiated. There may be multiple connections by a user, but only one license is used per user regardless of how many connections.

    For example, if a Strategi system has a 4-user concurrent license, any number of Strategi users may be created but only 4 may be online at any given time. It is important to note that this doesn't imply that anonymous connections are counted towards license usage. Only when a user satisfies one of the above three conditions will a license be used and checked against maximum number of concurrent Strategi users allowed.

    Registered User Licensing
    Unlike concurrent user licensing, the number of concurrent users is not the determining factor. A Strategi system using a registered licensing scheme will allow all registered users to be connected at any given time. The difference in this scenario is that the number of Strategi users that can be created is restricted by the license. For example, a 50 user registered system will allow 50 users to be logged in to a Strategi service but only 50 Strategi users may be created. In comparison, a 50 user concurrent license would allow an unlimited number of Strategi users to be created but only 50 could be connected to a Strategi service simultaneously.

    Additional Information
  • Only one type of licensing may be installed on a given Strategi system.
  • Licensing can not be decreased once installed, regardless of type, without a change in additional licensing information. For example, installing a license for 50 users cannot be removed and replaced with a license for 25 users of the same Strategi system size and expiration date. This is due to iSeries 400 licensed product requirements and not a restriction imposed by Strategi. Contact ADVANCED BusinessLink Sales staff for more information.

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