Strategi Compatibility with OS/400 V5R1 and V5R3

Product: Strategi
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OS/400 V5R1 Terminal Emulation Compatibility
Terminal emulation sessions that require QPADEV naming conventions will not load when Strategi is running on an iSeries 400 with OS/400 V5R1 and Strategi versions V1R6 through V1R7M1, and V1R8M0. Display devices named other than QPADEV will be served by Strategi without incident, and emulation sessions will appear normal to the user.

Strategi Versions
Strategi versions allowing terminal prefixing are affected, specifically, V1R6M1 through V1R7M1 and V1R8M0. Versions V1R7 (modifications 2-9) and V1R8 (modifications 1-9) will contain the updated server and not require a PTF.

The recommended solution is to upgrade your version of Strategi to the current G.A. release and apply any applicable PTFs. For version V1R7M1, the current G.A. release level at the time of writing, SGI171P004 is the applicable PTF for this issue.

An alternate, temporary solution is to allow terminal prefixing of device names and have all Strategi-served, emulation sessions prefixed with a value other than QPADEV. This will allow time to prepare for your Strategi upgrade while maintaining emulation sessions for your users.

The Strategi Special Value TERMINALNAME controls the display device (terminal name) prefixing values. To change the Strategi default value from QPADEV to another, simply change the Strategi Special Value TERMINALNAME.

From a command line:

After changing the TERMINALNAME value, you may need need to change the appropriate sub-system description to allow for the newly prefixed named device.

OS/400 V5R3 Compatility
There is one known issue with using OS/400 V5R3. The problem is related to using our SNDSGISMTP or SNDSMTSGI commands to send emails. There was a bug in OS/400 that caused problems with using these commands. IBM has since addressed these problems with OS/400 PTFs.

Make sure the following PTFs are included in the PTF package you apply:

SI14416 (a pre-req already included in the MSF group)

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