Strategi PTFs: Download and Installation

Product: Strategi
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This document details how to download and apply a Strategi PTF. To determine if there are PTFs available for your version of Strategi, please see Technical Support Bulletin for a complete listing.

In order to successfully install a PTF, your current version of Strategi must be at the release level specified. PTFs are available for Strategi V1R7M1 or higher. If you would like to upgrade your version of Strategi to receive the benefits of PTFs, visit our Strategi ReleaseMedia Website at and follow the upgrade instructions.

Downloads require a login and password, which can be obtained by sending an email to the BusinessLink Technical Support team at and request that you be authorized to download the PTF(s). Please include the following system information:
  • Company name
  • Serial number
  • OS version
  • Model number
  • Current Strategi release

    Once you have determined that there are PTFs available for your release of Strategi and you have received your download "authorization", there are two methods by which you can download and install a PTF.

    **Download From Our Release Media Website**

    PTF Download
    Once you receive your download authorization information from the BusinessLink Technical Support team, you are ready to download.

    1. Go to
    2. Select "PTF for GA or RA Release" in the "Select Download" drop-down box
    3. Select "Current Release"
    4. Enter the serial number for the iSeries system to PTF in the "System Serial Number" input box
    5. Click "Continue"
    6. View all available PTFs
    7. Click the hyper-link to download the PTF(s). You will be prompted to log in
    8. Log in using the BusinessLink supplied user and passphrase
    9. If login is successful, you will be prompted to download the file and either save it to disk or open it. Choose the save to disk option.
    10. After download of all available PTFs is complete, uncompress the file using a utility program such as "winzip" and transfer the extracted file (example:"SGI192C005") from your PC to your iSeries.

    (For instructions on how to transfer a file from your PC to your iSeries using FTP, please see Technical Support Bulletin

    PTF Installation Requirements

    V5R4 and Earlier - V2R5M1 Cumulative PTF SGI251C066+

  • Check to see that IBM's "Portable App Solutions Environment" (Product Option 33) is installed, as it is required to support Java on this OS/400 version

    PTF Installation
    Once the save file is on your iSeries, the remaining steps can be performed.

    Note: applying PTF(s) will result in the Strategi subsystem being restarted after PTF application. Multiple PTFs *can* be applied simultaneously as long as the PTFs are restored to library QTEMP in sequential order.

    11. End Strategi
    12. Verify Strategi Library is not locked

    The WRKOBJLCK command should state that there are no locks on the Strategi library. If locks exist on the library, the locks must be removed before continuing.

    13. Clear out library QTEMP
    14. Restore the contents to library QTEMP
    RSTOBJ OBJ(*ALL) SAVLIB(QTEMP) DEV(*SAVF) SAVF('current_library'/ 'PTF_file_name') RSTLIB(QTEMP)
    15. Prompt the command QTEMP/SGIPTF and enter the appropriate information
    16. Press 'Enter' to begin the installation process. The Strategi subsystem will restart once the PTF has completed (V1R8M2 and higher have a RESTART parameter of *YES or *NO)
    17. When you have installed the PTF, please notify the BusinessLink Technical Support team via email at so that we can update our records. This will aid us in servicing you in the future.

    ** End of Technical Support Bulletin **