Temporary HTTP Server Installation and Operation

Product: Strategi
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To provide a temporary web page display while the Strategi system is shut down, the Temporary HTTP Server is a small HTTP server designed to capture requests to specified HTTP address(es) and to respond with a single web page. This page contains the message: "This website is temporarily unavailable.", plus a default message of "Server down for maintenance.". You can replace the default message with a custom message.

The temporary HTTP server components reside in the file SGITMPHTTP within the Strategi library. The following explains how to install the components.

To Install:

  • Restore all objects from the save file SGITMPHTTP to library QGPL or a different library of your choosing. The following RSTOBJ command would suffice:

    Note: We do NOT recommend restoring the objects to the Strategi library, as there may be locks imposed if you are running backups during this maintenance period.

        SAVLIB(QTEMP) +
        DEV(*SAVF) +
        OBJTYPE(*ALL) +

  • This will restore three objects to the QGPL library: PRUNTMPHTT, RUNTMPHTTP and HRUNTMPHTT
To Operate:
Note: This program is independent of Strategi and is available only with the GA version of Strategi V1R8 or higher. Because it is designed to respond to the same IP address request(s) as the specified Strategi webserver(s), you must shut down the Strategi subsystem before starting this program, and you must shut down this program before restarting Strategi.

If you are running more than one website, you may wish to create a separate utility program to be run as a batch job, where you can hardcode the IP addresses and messages as required.

The recommended method of running the process is via batch job submission using the SBMJOB command. One way to do this is as follows:
  • Bring down the Strategi subsystem for maintenance or backups
  • Perform the SBMJOB command specifying any IP addresses and/or ports:
        SBMJOB CMD(RUNTMPHTTP ({IP and message parameters}) ) JOB(job_name)
  • IP address parameter can be specified as:
        IPADDR('111.222.333.444:80' '111.222.333.444:443')
  • Custom Page Message parameter can be specified as:
        PAGMSG('Your custom message here')
  • Example SBMJOB command:
        SBMJOB +
          CMD(RUNTMPHTTP +
           IPADDR('') +
          PAGMSG('Your custom message here')) +
  • Complete Strategi maintenance
  • End the submitted job:
        ENDJOB JOB(job_name details) OPTION(*IMMED)
  • Start the Strategi subsystem

Another method by which the RUNTMPHTTP command can be invoked follows. Note that this method will result in the session in use being locked within the program until the session is ended.
  • Bring down the Strategi subsystem for maintenance or backups
  • At the command line prompt the RUNTMPHTTP command
  • Add the IP address(es) with optional ports
  • Optionally, replace the Page Message Text. Hit enter.
    Note that launching the program in this way will lock this session in the running program.
  • When you are ready to bring up the Strategi system, perform a System Request, option 90, to sign off the session. The job may also be ended from the WRKACTJOB command from another emulation session.
  • Start the Stategi subsystem

Should you have any questions regarding the use of this command, please contact BusinessLink Technical Support.

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