Webmaster Launching Issues

Product: Strategi
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There can be issues with Webmaster working properly when newer JRE’s are installed on a PC or when there were no JRE's installed at all. This issue seems to be most prevalent in computers running Windows XP, but may also exist on other operating systems. The following steps will usually resolve this problem.

Note: These instructions assume you have already installed Webmaster and attempted to launch the application.

Please follow the instructions in the order given below:

1. Use a PC that already has Webmaster installed on it, because you will be using that to point the target and shortcut to it in the next steps
2. Download the following files:
IBM Java Runtime Environment 1.1
3. When using WinZip, be sure that you keep the path names when unzipping (i.e., check the box that says “Use Folder Names”)
4. Extract Webmaster.zip to C:\Program Files
5. Extract IBM-JRE-1.1.zip to C:\Program Files\Webmaster
6. Change the Target and Shortcut paths for Webmaster to what you see below (right-click on webmaster icon and select Properties)

"C:\Program Files\Webmaster\IBM-JRE-1.1\bin\jrew.exe" -cp webm.jar webm.Applet1 -dir c:\websites\ -server your.ip.address:43808

"C:\Program Files\Webmaster"

7. Now try launching Webmaster. If you are still experiencing problems, please contact BusinessLink Support at support@businesslink.com for further assistance

** End of Technical Support Bulletin **