Strategi HPT Printing to an IP Printer

Product: Strategi
Modified Date:

In order to send Strategi HPT prints to an IP printer, you will need to add the IP printer as a local printer. Below are instructions on how to add an IP printer as a local printer, on a Windows XP machine.

1.Go to the Start menu and select Printers and Faxes
2.Select Add Printer (this will launch the Add Printer Wizard)
3.Click Next
4.Select Local Printer and Uncheck Automatically detect and install my Plug and Play printer
5.Click Next
6.Select Create a new port and select Standard TCP/IP Port from the Type of port drop-down list
7.Click Next (this will launch the Add Standard TCP/IP Printer Port Wizard)
8.Click Next
9.Enter the printer's IP Address in the Printer Name or IP Address text box
10.Enter IP_IP Address (e.g., IP_192.168.1.1) in the Port Name text box (Note: If you try do to this on a PC that already had this port added, it won't let you do it again. You will need to find the printer on the PC printer list, right-click and select Properties. Then go to the Sharing tab, click "Share this printer" and give it a Share Name of "LPT2".)
11.Click Next (this will return you to the Add Standard TCP/IP Printer Port Wizard)
12.Select the appropriate printer in the Additional Port Information Required dialog box
13.Click Next
14.Click Finish
15.This will return you to the Add Printer Wizard. Select the appropriate printer.
16.Click Next
17.Select the Keep existing driver (recommended) option
18.Click Next
19.Enter a name in the Printer Name box (e.g., Strategi HPT Printer) and select an option for the default printer question.
20.Click Next
21.Click Next again to print a test page.
22.Click Finish
23.In the Printers and Faxes window, select the Strategi HPT Printer
24.Click Share this Printer
25.This will open the printer properties. Select the Share this printer option and enter LPT2 in the Share name text box.
26.Click Apply
27.Click OK
28.Determine the workstation name of your computer.
  • Go to the Start menu
  • Right-click My Computer
  • Select Properties.
  • Select the Computer Name tab
  • Look at the Full computer name
  • 29.Send yourself a report.
    30.When retrieving a file for the first time, you will be prompted to enter the printer path. Enter the path to your printer using the format "//workstationname/LPT2" (e.g., the path for a workstation with the name of WS1 would be "//WS1/LPT2")