Strategi Subsystem Jobs & Descriptions

Product: Strategi
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The list below details the jobs which system administrators may see in the Strategi subsystem.

Core Jobs

Job Name Function
AUTHSERVER Responsible for Strategi authentication.
ESMCONTROL Responsible for 5250 emulation communications.
ESMSESSION Delivers emulation sessions.
HTTPSERVER Accepts HTTP requests and distributes them to HTTPTHREADS.
HTTPTHREAD Handles HTTP requests.
IOQMANAGER Manages input/output queues.
OPINSERVER Provides native services to Java programs.
QJVACMDSRV Java support job for ESM (Emulation Services Manager).
QJVACMDSRV Java support job for Convert server.
SSLSERVER Enables caching and reuse of SSL V3 sessions.
SYSCLEANUP Strategi system clean up.
WEBMASTER Webmaster host server (website update tool).
PUSHWRITER Sends spoolfiles to users.
X_CONVERT Converts files to PDF format.
X_SYSTEM Handles utility functions.
X_AAAAAAAA User defined HSM servers will appear as X_.

License-Dependent Jobs

Job Name Function
PSGIHOST Accepts connections from pocket strategi clients.
QJVACMDSRV Pocket Strategi Host Java job.
RMTCLTGEN Remote client generator.
RMTMANAGER Manages Remote connections.
RMTRCVF Manages Remote Receive Files.
RMTSERVER Manages Remote socket connections.
RMTTHREAD Handles Remote client requests.
DHSMSERVER Manages Distributed HSM.
DHSMTHREAD Handles Distributed HSM requests.
X_GUIDADMIN GUIStyle Admin Tool server.
X_SGILIC Custom HSM server that monitors license usage.
X_WSB webSERVICES bridge.

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