Strategi Screen Recording

Product: Strategi - GUIStyle
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This document will guide you through the process of installing the screen-recorder applet on your Strategi system. The screen-recorder applet will work just like normal Strategi emulation, except that it can record screen data to a file on your PC. This file can then be sent to elsewhere (typically to ADVANCED BusinessLink), where the screens can be played back, usually in order to implement GUIStyle.

Step 1 - Acquire the Screen-Recording Applet Zip Package
Your technical contact at ADVANCED BusinessLink should provide you with a zip file called "". If you do not have this file, you should request it before proceeding.

Step 2 - Create a Website Zone for Screen-Recording Applet Access
The screen-recorder applet and associated webpages will need to be placed on your Strategi website. If you are already familiar with Strategi website maintenance and you know of somewhere else you want to put the screen-recorder applet, you may skip to Step 2.

  1. Add Strategi to your library list


  2. Create a new zone for screen-recording applet access

        TYPE(*WEBSITE) +
        ZONE(RECORD) +
        SUBDIR('/RECORD') +
        TEXT('Screen-Recording Applet') +

  3. Add your Strategi user for *READWRITE access to this zone

        TYPE(*WEBSITE) +
        ZONE(RECORD) +
        USER(*USER (*SELECT)) +
Step 3 - Use Webmaster to Upload the Screen-Recording Applet
If you are not familiar with Webmaster and/or do not have it installed on your PC, please read Strategi Webmaster Implementation. Once you have Webmaster installed on your PC and are familiar with Webmaster usage, you can proceed.
  1. Using Webmaster, check out the DEFAULT-RECORD zone you created (or the zone you intend to use)
  2. Unzip the contents of "" into your local directory for DEFAULT-RECORD. This is most likely "C:\websites\default\record\". You should end up with 10 files in this directory:


  3. Using Webmaster, check in the DEFAULT-RECORD zone.
Step 4 - Load the Screen-Recording Applet
You can now go to your Strategi website, to "/record/homepage.htm" (for example ""). You should see a page with a blue banner that says "Java 5250".

  1. In the middle of the screen is an the input field labeled "Record to path:". Type the full path to a file where you would like to record screens. This file should not be an existing file; if an existing file is specified, it will be overwritten. However, the directory path specified should exist. Examples would be "C:\temp\screens.txt" or "C:\screens.txt". In the first example, you would want to make sure "C:\temp" already existed.
  2. Click the "LAUNCH RECORDER" button.
  3. You may be prompted asking whether you trust applets signed by ADVANCED BusinessLink. Choose the option to proceed.
  4. You will be prompted with a Strategi login; log in to Strategi as you typically would.
Step 5 - Recording Screens
You may have been asked to record only a specific number of screens. If so, you should review the tech support bulletin GUIStyle Product Implementation: Required Screens. This will explain what types of screens you should record.

Whenever you find a screen you want to record, hit ALT-SHIFT-R. A message should appear at the bottom of the screen that says "Screen Recorded". This will record the screen data to the file you specified as the "Record to path:". You may continue recording screens as you find screens you want to record. Each new screen is appended to the file.

Step 6 - Sending Screens to ADVANCED BusinessLink
You should find that your file is several kilobytes in size, roughly 25 kilobytes per every 10 screens you record. If your file is zero kilobytes, this means nothing was recorded, and you should request assistance from your technical contact.

Once you have verified that your file contains data, simply email it to your technical contact at ADVANCED BusinessLink. They will contact you when the next step is required of you.

** End of Technical Support Bulletin **