Strategi Upgrade Instructions

Product: Strategi
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The following steps should be followed to ensure a successful upgrade of a current Strategi installation. Please review this document in its entirety before beginning the process and contact BusinessLink Technical Support if you have any questions regarding the procedure.

Please also review Technical Support Bulletin, to determine whether there might be any compatiblity or functionality changes for this release.

Due to increased Java application support, the estimated completion time for the Strategi upgrade is 15-60 minutes--depending upon your iSeries 400 configuration. During installation the IBM command CRTJVAPGM will be run to optimize the JAR files. According to IBM, "The CRTJVAPGM command may take a long time to run depending on the number of classes in the ZIP or JAR file and the optimization level that you request, but it will be worth it." You may experience high CPU usage when the CRTJVAPGM is run.

NOTE: This procedure assumes that the iSeries 400 software was installed using default installation parameters. If non-standard installation parameters were specified, replace references to library and/or subsystems as appropriate.

Step 1 - Verify Upgrade Requirements

  • OS/400 V4R2M0 or greater
  • *SECOFR class operator authority
  • A minimum of Java 1.2 or higher must be installed to use all available features, however we recommend installing the latest Java version 1.5+ as 1.2 may impose locks on the QSYS/QPRINT file
  • Use the WRKOBJPGP command to verify whether any objects on your system have a Primary Group of SGIOBJOWN. If so, the Primary Group of these objects must be set to *NONE prior to the attempting the upgrade. Please contact BusinessLink support staff for more information on how to make this change
  • Authorization list QSYLMTJAVA must have PUBLIC *USE authority (V5R3+ only) in order to enable iSeries JVMs to start
  • An upgrade from a V1 release to this V2 release requires new license keys. Be sure to contact support prior to your upgrade to obtain new license keys. You can send an email to to request a key.
  • Remove STRATEGI from System and User Library lists. System values QSYSLIBL and QUSRLIBL control this. If STRATEGI is on either list, it must be removed and an IPL completed before upgrade can be done. Refer to system value Help for more information.
  • If running OS/400 V5R4 or earlier, check to see that IBM's "Portable App Solutions Environment" (Product Option 33) is installed, as it is required to support Java on this OS/400 version
  • High Availablility/Mirroring Software - please be sure replication is turned off for the Strategi library and IFS objects.

    Step 2 - Install Strategi iSeries 400 Software
    Strategi upgrade software can be shipped on CD-Rom or downloaded through our support website .

    Electronic Media
  • Transfer the Strategi archive to a workstation attached to the same network segment as the iSeries 400.

  • Strategi software is sent electronically in self-extracting zip format. Execute (double-click) the archive to unpack the save file. The save file is approximately 70MB in size.

  • Transfer the save file to the iSeries 400 using Client Access or FTP. For detailed instructions on file transfer, click here.

  • End Strategi Subsystem

  • Verify Strategi Library is not on Library Lists (system or user)

    The WRKOBJLCK command should state there are no locks on the Strategi library. If locks exist on the library, the upgrade CANNOT continue and the locks must be removed before continuing.

  • Clear out library QTEMP
          CLRLIB QTEMP

  • For upgrades to V1R9 and above, verify your job message queue full action is set to *WRAP

  • Restore all objects from the save file to library QTEMP. For example, if the save file is in library 'QGPL' and is named 'SGI216D', the following RSTOBJ command would suffice:


  • After the restore is complete, type 'QTEMP/SGIINS' and press 'F4' to prompt the Strategi installation command.

  • The installation command should display only two parameters: ACTION and LIBRARY. These values should be '*UPGRADE' and the name of the installed Strategi library. Execute the command after verifying the installation parameters to begin the upgrade process.

    The upgrade program should continue operator free and return to command line when complete. However, if either of the following error messages are encountered, it is OK to answer "I" to ignore these messages:
    "Object not found. Object is
    /strategi/website/productmodules/live/guistyle/applet." (Message ID is CPFA0A9)

    "Program or module not convertible." (Message ID is MCH42B5).
    This is referring to the program BSAFE.

    If any other error messages are displayed, contact BusinessLink Technical Support.

  • View the "Available Strategi PTFs" TSB at to check if any PTFs are available for this release
  • If a PTF is available, apply the PTF using one of the options described in the "Strategi PTFs: Download and Installation" TSB at
    Note: Clear out library QTEMP prior to restoring the PTF
  • Move to Step 3

    Step 3 - Apply License Key
  • If you just upgraded from a pre-V2R1 release, please apply the V2R1 license key you obtained from BusinessLink support staff. However, if you just upgraded from an earlier V2R1 release to the current release, you can move to Step 4, as you will not need to apply a new key.

    Step 4 - Start Strategi
  • Start Strategi using the Strategi menu option or Strategi command STRSGI. The Strategi upgrade is now complete.

    Please Note: The current release contains an update to the Strategi AS/400 Jar file and a 3rd-party Jar file. As a result, it may take 15-45 minutes for the Strategi subsystem to complete startup (Depending on the system). See additional information above.

  • When you have completed the upgrade, please notify the BusinessLink Technical Support team via e-mail at, so that we can update our records. This will aid us in servicing you in the future.

    ** End of Technical Support Bulletin **