Strategi iSeries 400 Software Migration

Product: Strategi
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This guide provides the steps required to successfully migrate Strategi by ADVANCED BusinessLink Corp. from one iSeries 400 to another. There are three basic steps to the migration process: Pre-Migration, Migration, and Post-Migration. In order to begin the migration we must have a signed Strategi Migration Agreement. In order to issue a production license key we must have the signed Addendum to Contracts & Agreements.

Any questions regarding installation procedures may be forwarded directly to BusinessLink Technical Support staff for resolution. BusinessLink Technical Support can be reached by phone at (425) 602-4777 or by email at


1. Send BusinessLink Technical Support the Serial Number of the old iSeries 400 and the Serial Number, OS Version, and Model Number of the new iSeries 400.
2. We will send you a Strategi Migration Agreement.
3. Sign and return the Strategi Migration Agreement.
4. Once the signed Strategi Migration Agreement is returned, a temporary 14-day license key will be issued for the new iSeries 400.


Step 1 - Verify Migration Requirements
Before beginning the migration, ensure the following requirements are met:

1. The iSeries 400 operator responsible for the migration must have an iSeries 400 user profile with *SECOFR class authority.
2. The iSeries 400 onto which Strategi is to be migrated to must have a base OS level of at least V4R2M0. The OS version should be confirmed by displaying the data area 'QSS1MRI' in library 'QGPL'.
3. Library 'QSYS2' must be on the system portion of the library list.
4. The new iSeries 400 must have at least 60MB of free space for the Strategi software. "Work with System Status" will display the total and percentage ASP available.
5. Basic TCP/IP services must be installed and active on the iSeries 400. Subsystem 'QSYSWRK' must be running with job name 'QTCPIP' active.

**For Steps 2 and 3 below, see Technical Support Bulletin on Strategi Backup & Restore Procedures to view a sample save and restore procedure.

Step 2 - Save Existing Strategi Software from Source iSeries 400
1. Save System Security Data
2. Save Strategi Library (e.g., STRATEGI)
3. Save IFS Directory (e.g., '/STRATEGI' and '/StrategiHSM')

Step 3 - Restore Strategi Software to Destination iSeries 400
1. Restore User Profiles (*ALL)
2. Restore Strategi Library
3. Restore Strategi IFS Directories
4. Restore Authorities
5. Reconfigure Strategi IP Addresses (if required)
6. Install correct license key (14-day temporary key)

Completion of Steps 1-3 ensures the successful migration of Strategi. Once the migration is complete, start Strategi and sign on to the iSeries 400 for access verification.


Once Strategi has been migrated to the new iSeries 400 and has been verified to operate successfully, Strategi must be removed from the old iSeries 400.

1. See Strategi Technical Support Bulletin Strategi iSeries 400 Software Removal for instructions on how to remove Strategi.
2. Notify BusinessLink Technical Support staff once Strategi has been removed from the old iSeries 400.
3. Once the signed Addendum to Contracts & Agreements has been received, we will issue a production license key for the new iSeries 400.

** End of Technical Support Bulletin **