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Welcome to the most exciting new product for the IBM Midrange since OS/400! Strategi brings you managed web serving with AS/400 application interaction, being designed and built from the ground up as a native AS/400 product. Strategi™ is the premier solution for web serving from your AS/400.

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In an effort to provide information not present in standard documentation we have created this area to supplement your technical information needs. Below you find links to technical support bulletins (TSBs) written by development and support staff which are directly related to Strategi.

Feel free to browse through all available technical bulletins and contact technical support staff if you would like to see additions made to our current collection.

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Install, Remove, Upgrade

System Information and Configuration
Applet Information
Release Compatibility
Printer Setup
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This is the primary reference source for the native AS/400 software product. Topics range from AS/400 administration and website maintenance to remote client connection procedures using the Strategi 5250 client applet. References for Strategi user, webmaster and HSM guides are also available.

All manuals listed below are in PDF format compatible with Adobe Acrobat Reader version 3.01 or greater. Click the link below to obtain Adobe's current PDF reader.

V1R9 V1R8 V1R7
Administrator's Guide
HSM Programmer's Guide
HSM Data Servers Guide - - -
User's Guide - - -
WebMaster Guide
Distributed HSM Guide - -
Event Services Guide - -
Pocket Strategi Reference - -
Strategi Javadoc(zip) - - -

V2R5 Upgrade Manuals
For Existing SSL Installations Only

These manuals are for existing customers with SSL currently installed, that are upgrading to the Strategi V2R5 release. SSL Certificate Management has been moved out of Strategi and into IBM's Digital Certificate Manager (DCM) and your existing SSL certificate must be converted to a compatible format for import into DCM in order to be utilized after upgrade. These instruction manuals details the steps involved.

SSL Certificate Conversion Before Upgrade
SSL Certificate Conversion After Upgrade

*Please note that all manuals are written for the most current version of either Strategi or BusinessLink/WEB and not all documentation may apply if you are not currently running the most recent version of either software package.

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